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Top Ten Interview Tips

1. Research and Preparation – really, don’t wing it.  Just because a friend works there and you think you know enough about the company, doesn’t count as research.  Read the website.  Read all of the latest news.  Understand what they do.  It’s not hard!  Not doing the research is a total turn-off and shows an utter lack of respect for the person who is meeting you.

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The Results from Hack4Colorado

Winners & Project Descriptions from Hack4Colorado

Nearly 100 hackers came to this weekend-long event and created 18 teams across 6 themes, scored by 10 judges, awarded $17,300 in cash and over $2700 in raffles, while 100 onlookers from government, sponsors, education and general public were inspired.

The results of this weekend’s Hack4Colorado were cool and surprising! We had a developer mentoring a 14 year old, a music teacher and former CEO of the Colorado Symphony recruit a team to develop an app for elementary music students, the first day (or three) on the job for a group of ReadyTalk interns, a developer who had no previous experience with Ruby on Rails but developed an incredible app, and an hands-on interview for a potential SendGrid developer evangelist. Everyone was a winner in one way or another. We heard things like ‘this was the best hackathon I have ever attended!’ ‘I met so many cool people!’ (More on these incredible stories later). The below descriptions were created by participating Hack4Colorado teams.

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Talent Lattice has been a great search partner over many years. I have relied on them for several key strategic hires in my organization. Trust is key to a successful relationship with a search firm and they operate with the highest integrity and transparency.  They always strive to understand our business need, culture and people. I truly value this relationship!” Fortune 200 CIO