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The Results from Hack4Colorado

Winners & Project Descriptions from Hack4Colorado

Nearly 100 hackers came to this weekend-long event and created 18 teams across 6 themes, scored by 10 judges, awarded $17,300 in cash and over $2700 in raffles, while 100 onlookers from government, sponsors, education and general public were inspired.

The results of this weekend’s Hack4Colorado were cool and surprising! We had a developer mentoring a 14 year old, a music teacher and former CEO of the Colorado Symphony recruit a team to develop an app for elementary music students, the first day (or three) on the job for a group of ReadyTalk interns, a developer who had no previous experience with Ruby on Rails but developed an incredible app, and an hands-on interview for a potential SendGrid developer evangelist. Everyone was a winner in one way or another. We heard things like ‘this was the best hackathon I have ever attended!’ ‘I met so many cool people!’ (More on these incredible stories later). The below descriptions were created by participating Hack4Colorado teams.

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