Should You or Shouldn’t You – the headshot on LinkedIn

I am actually a little surprised that I am writing about this. But I continue to see people on LinkedIn with no headshot. Well, I don’t ‘see’ them, I ‘see’ a little gray shadow figure, pretend headshot. Is this a real person? Of course it is but why are people still resisting this?

I find that my eye goes to the profiles with the headshot and my eye skips over the ones with no headshot. I’m not looking for beauty, I just want to put a face with the name, get a glimpse of a personality. I can’t help it but I care less about the profiles with no face.

So, really, this is a no-brainer people. Put a picture up. It’s not hard. You can get a professional picture taken or have a friend or colleague take one with the camera we all carry around that also happens to make phone calls. Unless of course you are still carrying this around


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