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Is the day of the face-to-face meeting dead?

It seems that so many people would rather email, text or tweet. I for one, am a fan of the old school face to face and when that’s not possible, a real-time, phone conversation.

It is way to easy to volley a shot via email or send a quick text. And, there are many circumstances where that is just fine. Examples:

Joe- “Will you be at the 2pm meeting today?

Ann- “Yes, see you then!”

Joe- “Have you had a chance to review my white paper?”

Ann- “Not yet but will do so this evening and get back to you.”

But when we are trying to make decisions, debate a topic, especially when it could be a harder conversation, when people don’t agree or there is a problem to be solved, face to face is critical! There is far too much context. Tone can be mis-construed. The list goes on and on!

I will always push for a real time, real live, meeting. Old school maybe but I’ll always be old school in this realm. I can text, tweet and email with the best of them but there is a time and place for everything!

Communicate Much?

Ahhh, communication. There are so many directions I could go with this post. I have my pet peeves like everyone and I am sure I make my fair share of mistakes so, I apologize to my Mom and all of my English teachers out there but, I digress. This isn’t a grammar lecture!

My thoughts today are on how to be warm and friendly without being too friendly before you’ve gotten to know someone. Or the opposite, being too stiff and formal even after you’ve gotten to know someone. The tone of communication is important and in today’s environment of social media communication, email included, there are blurred lines or at least the perception of blurred lines.

I’ve had 2 recent experiences on both sides of this coin. The first in response to a message I sent a potential candidate for a search we are conducting. When I first received this, I couldn’t decide if I should respond and if I did, how to respond. It read like this, “you are giving me everything, hunnie…” Was this a joke? What did it mean? So, being curious I messaged back to make sure this person didn’t accidentally respond to me rather than a BFF. Nope, it was meant to for me. The second response was almost as odd as the first.  First and second impression, well, hmmmm.

The second experience is with someone I met in person and thought I had gotten to know. Most times when I received an email from, they started with: “Dear Ann.” Now, I don’t know about you, but I find this really odd. In a cover letter with a resume attached to an unknown person, I have no issue with Dear so and so. Once you’ve gotten to meet someone and have gotten past the formalities, “Hi Ann” or “Hello Ann” or just “Ann” would be great.  When I receive a “Dear Ann” email, it’s very stiff, unfriendly and formal. It simply doesn’t feel right.

My advice is to avoid being overly familiar or casual with someone you don’t know. It’s a gray area and if you’re not sure, ask someone to read your email before you send it. Err on the side of being professional and with complete sentences. And, on the flip side, just don’t do “Dear Ann” if we’ve met, had a conversation or exchanged an email or two.