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Is the day of the face-to-face meeting dead?

It seems that so many people would rather email, text or tweet. I for one, am a fan of the old school face to face and when that’s not possible, a real-time, phone conversation.

It is way to easy to volley a shot via email or send a quick text. And, there are many circumstances where that is just fine. Examples:

Joe- “Will you be at the 2pm meeting today?

Ann- “Yes, see you then!”

Joe- “Have you had a chance to review my white paper?”

Ann- “Not yet but will do so this evening and get back to you.”

But when we are trying to make decisions, debate a topic, especially when it could be a harder conversation, when people don’t agree or there is a problem to be solved, face to face is critical! There is far too much context. Tone can be mis-construed. The list goes on and on!

I will always push for a real time, real live, meeting. Old school maybe but I’ll always be old school in this realm. I can text, tweet and email with the best of them but there is a time and place for everything!

Were you worried about the Millennial workers? Don’t be!

I just returned from Loyola Marymount University graduation. The kids (they are actually young adults but I’ll always think of them as kids) I have gotten to know from the class of 2015 are not the people I have read about. I read an article not long ago that described them as “Needy, Entitled and Self Centered.” What??

The kids I know are incredibly motivated, hard working, and passionate. They want to make a difference in the world, make positive change and give back to their communities. I am absolutely inspired by them.

Do they want feedback? Yes, absolutely. They aren’t afraid to ask for it and they’ll expect it. I think we all want feedback but many of us don’t ask often enough and when we don’t get it, we just accept it. These kids aren’t afraid and they aren’t very patient. As hiring managers, I don’t see this as a bad thing. Let’s harness that energy, passion and desire to achieve.

These kids have also grown up in a world of mobile technologies and that world is only becoming faster paced and more immediate. They will expect us to operate in that same world. They are the ‘now’ customer. As an employee they will want the same ‘now’ access to information and data.

Self centered? I don’t see it at all. They care about so many issues. They are involved and curious. The majority of them donated hundreds of hours to local non-profits and some even created non-profits.

The out-going president of LMU, David Burcham, was the commencement speaker. Some were disappointed that the University didn’t select from the local celebrity community, until he started speaking. He was a great president and the students loved him. He was accessible and a terrific role model. He talked about not being cynical in a cynical world. I am not cynical about the future and what these kids will do to change the world we live in. I believe they will be great assets and great leaders.


LMU15 Hal Genna Paige