The Dojo is coming, the Dojo is coming!

We are getting ready for our Fall and Winter sessions of CoderDojo and wanted to bring you up to date on some changes and additions. We had an opportunity to meet the co-founder of CoderDojo, Bill Laio, early this summer and wow, it was great! Bill launched CoderDojo in Ireland a few years ago and it has grown explosively all around the world. We learned so much in our morning with Bill and are going to be more closely following the model that the rest of the world is following so we can grow and be more effective in helping your kids.

  • CoderDojo Denver begins the Fall Sessions on September 19.
  • The Dojo at the Denver Public Library will remain and continue to hold classes on Saturdays from 11-1.
  • We are adding a second Dojo on Saturdays from 1-3pm at Regis University (52nd and Federal).
  • There are a few VERY IMPORTANT changes to the format for CoderDojo to follow the Dojo’s being held around the globe, which will enable us to grow and be more effective.
    • Dojo’s will be held every Saturday
    • Within the CoderDojo Movement there is a focus on community, peer learning, youth mentoring and self-led learning. So, rather than instructor led sessions, we are moving to peer to peer learning. The instructor lead portion of each Saturday will be minimized and kids will be learning from each other.
    • We will be started the kids out on CSS, HTML and Java Script. They can work at their own pace. There are no tests and no deadlines. Once they have gotten through these, they will start to work on their own projects. Every Saturday there will be a newbie table, so new kids can join the Dojo anytime with no pressure that they are behind.
    • We are combining the age groups. What they learned in Dublin and has been replicated all around the globe is that age doesn’t matter. Young kids are even mentoring the older kids.
    • A parent, guardian, grandparent, older sibling must stay. As Bill says, we are providing CoderDojo for free, but this isn’t a free ride. What he means by that is that in order for us to succeed, we need parents or guardians to get involved, help, organize pot lucks and hopefully help us grow by starting new Dojo’s around the Denver Metro area. A fun fact: the first Dojo in Dublin meets every Saturday and has an average of 200 kids in attendance. Parents have started 30 more Dojos JUST in Dublin alone! So cool! Anyone can start one and we can help.
    • We need more mentors so if you are willing to donate your time, please let us know.
    • We also need donated items like laptops, arduinos and raspberry pi’s. Please email us if you can help!

See you at the DOJO!

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